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«Quick Scissors»

Earn monthly

from $2 000

Download a complete business plan for opening an IT-hair salon in your town
thousand dollars
Investments from
Return starts as early as in
Salon launch from
thousand dollars
Lumpsum franchise fee*
of the turnover
clients per month

Hair salon quick

This is an express service hair salon,
we do haircuts within 15 minutes
starting at $3
We break the stereotype of cheap being low-quality, and at our salons, unlike other economy class hairdressers’, we combine cozy modern design with know-how technology (payment terminals, vacuum cleaners, TVs) aiming to WOW our clients. Another important advantage is our highly qualified personnel.
We guarantee hygienic safety (tools sterilization), quality and friendly prices.
Having visited our salon once, the customers do not want to seek other options.
Automation of all business processes through the terminal and reducing staff expenses.
Economy class hair salons
have proven their
efficiency and have
huge potential
of developing worldwide
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Format specs

Any cut
The cost may be adjusted in your region.

— Population up to 500 thousand – 3 dollars.
— Over 500 thousand– 4 dollars.
— Moscow and St. Petersburg – 5 dollars.
Cut in
15 minutes
Our highly qualified staff and ergonomic furniture setting allow to reduce the time required for a cut down to 15 minutes.
For the comfort of our clients, each work station is equipped with a built-in TV.
Hair air
Trimmed hair is not blown off with a dryer but is removed with a special vacuum cleaner. This technology allows to reduce the time of the cut and utility costs.
All tools are carefully sanitized and stored in a cabinet with an UV lamp. We take the health of our customers very seriously.
We have designed workstations with everything conveniently at hand. The staff are not distracted searching for tools and do not waste client’s time.
Top quality
Despite being in the economy class, Quick Scissors offers top quality service. Our salons are always clean and comfortable, and the staff are polite and welcoming. The video surveillance system ensures all our rules are strictly followed.

Quick scissors IT know-how for beauty services

Our software offers several unique features
Remote management
All transactions are controlled remotely with a. crm-system showing the number of services provided and compiling reports. These data can be viewed even with a mobile device, which makes managing the salon simple and convenient.
False bill recognition
Our software for counterfeit notes detection is updated automatically on a regular basis
The terminal can issue any type of banknotes as well as coins
Cashless payment
The terminal accepts both cash and cards. Cards can be can inserted or touched to the module
Automatic tax accounting
A fiscal registrar is integrated into the terminal and adjusted to our software.
Data is sent automatically to the tax authorities.
Staff payroll calculation
The staff scan their receipts on the terminal. Our partners can track the scope and quality of services provided by each specialist individually.
Every 6th cut is free of charge
Our customers register in the terminal and participate in the promo “6th haircut free of charge”. This allows to increase the customer return rate, and partners get a huge customer base to which they send newsletters and announcements.
Staff rating
Quality comes first! To ensure it, we have developed a unique system of staff rating. It allows partners to instantly respond to customers’ feedback and improve their service. A huge advantage of this system is the motivation of employees based on their rating.
Data downloading
You can upload data into a table and analyze it with just one touch.

Learn more about opening
an IT hair salon «Quick Scissors»
in your area

We are looking for partners
with a population of 5 000 people or more
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Advantages of the business model

Wide target audience
Extensive market. In the economy segment, over 80% of the population are our customers
Unique format
Economy format with top quality services and service, know-how technologies and the option to manage a business remotely
Low investment
Full initial investment in launching the business: from 9 000 dollars
Crisis resistant
Our format is not influenced by seasonal demand or economic crisis
Rapid time to value
Full return on investment from the opening: from 7 months, which is an excellent indicator for a beauty business
Constant demand
Hair grows all the time!

Hair salon in detail

Real example of profit calculation

Services rendered in the month
2 758
Rent, utilities, security, CCTV, internet
Consumables and products
Average clients per day
$6 700
Staff payroll
50% off the cuts and bonuses from cosmetics sales
$3 346
Taxes etc.
Total: net profit
$2 497
Get your detailed profit calculation by month for your city

We won the nomination
«Franchise of the Year»
at the international contest
«Golden Mercury»

Send your application to our representative
and we will supply all the required information
and answer all questions

closed salons

We do not make money exploiting our partners, we earn together! In the first month of the partnership, we do not charge royalty. If for some reason a month turns out loss-making, we also exempt the partner from royalty payment.
We are so confident about our business model that we guarantee buying back the equipment in the unlikely case of a financial failure.

With our franchise,
you get all you need

— Step-by-step business models
— Regulations and instructions for operation
— Step-by-step calendar plan for launching a business
— Assistance in procuring equipment
— Assistance in choosing suppliers of cosmetics and consumables in your area
— Online and offline advertising
— Presentation for leaseholders
— Business book describing all business processes
— Brand book and corporate identity materials
— Templates of all required marketing materials
— Guidelines for attracting clients in social networks
— Marketing guidelines
— Designing social networks
— Assistance with choosing premises
— Assistance with premises equipment as per the “Quick Scissors” concept
— Guidelines to personnel recruitment and hiring
— Hiring policy
— Policy of staff interaction
— All required contracts and legal documentation
— Provisions for legal registration of your business
— Assistance in resolving legal issues
— Consultations from the head office
— Business management guidelines
— Assistance with business automation

Our partners opening their businesses

Stavropol (No. 22, Yunosti Pr.)
Stavropol (No. 16/6, 50 Let VLKSM Str.)

Franchise reviews

Partners’ interviews

Interview with Ekaterina, franchisee partner of "Quick Scissors"
Interview with Karen, franchisee partner of "Quick Scissors"

Investing in the best partners

“First, it was me investing money. Now it’s the other way round”

Quick Scissors Company financed the launch of a second salon
by Dmitry, our franchisee partner in Tyumen

See live streaming
from one of our salons

Access to other

Founders of hair salon network
quick scissors

of business community LIKE

The company founders are experienced entrepreneurs, Ambassadors of a largest international business community LIKE CENTER. Vitaliy and Georgy share knowledge and train thousands of people to run a business. Their experience and expertise brought to their own business - the QUICK SCISSORS Franchise, which they are ready to share with their partners as a turn-key business!
The management company of IT hair salons Quick Scissors will provide you with 100% support at all stages of launch and development.
A staff of 11 professionals will be ready to help 24/7.
You can write to the Quick Scissors founders personally on their page at

8 simple steps for launching a business

Executing a franchise contract
Business management training
Selection and preparation of premises
Purchase and installation of equipment
Staff recruitment and training
Launching a marketing campaign
Personnel certification
Grand opening

Choose the right place

Floor plan
Walking accessibility
Traffic generators
Population density
Potential competition

Premises ergonomics
and visualization

Our designer will draw a floor plan for you, absolutely free of charge, taking into account all specifics, developing all areas of the salon, considering the safety of each workstation,
so that the staff would not bump or run onto each other. Then the designer will make a visualization for you individually.

126 cuts
per day

Open salons on the map

Barnaul, Russia
57, Georgieva st.
Ulan-Ude, Russia
24, Leninа Str.
Tyumen, Russia
10/2, Domostroitelei Str.
Tyumen, Russia
12/1, Vatutina Str.
Tyumen, Russia
2, Vosstaniya Str.
Astrakhan, Russia
7a, Tatishcheva Str.
Essentuki, Russia
46, Internatsionnaya Str.
Cherkessk, Russia
2, Gorkogo Str.
Cherkessk, Russia
30, Kosmonavtov Str.
Nevinnomyssk, Russia
34, Gagarina Str.
Voronezh, Russia
6, Moskovsky Prospect
Stavropol, Russia
16/6, 50 Let VLKSM Str.
Stavropol, Russia
328/13, Lenina Str.
Stavropol, Russia
22, Yunosti Prospect
Stavropol, Russia
16/8 Tukhachevskogo Str.
Stavropol, Russia
54D, Pirogova Str.
Stavropol, Russia
472/4, Serova Str.
Penza, Russia
50, Bakuninа Str.
Cherepovets, Russia
20, Pionerskaya Str.
Mikhailovsk, Russia
397/1, Voikova Str.
Vladikavkaz, Russia
Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan

Our partners open second and third
salons in their towns

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We are looking forward to show and tell how we work with our partners. You can meet the company founders and key staff, ask questions to them personally.

We offer:
- Tour of our hair salons
- Visit to the central office
- Meeting the company management and key staff
- Meeting the network founders Vitaly Gamisoniya and Georgy Sakhvadze

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Financial model of the hair salon franchise for your region
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